Important Information About Drywood Termites

By Jerry Timin

I like many other people found out I had a termite problem. But not just any termite problem; a drywood termite problem. I quickly called the company that is renting me the house and told them they need to take care of it.

Having a good idea of what you will be dealing with is very important. This will help prevent any problems when it comes time to contact or contract a company to get the termites out of there.

It is important to know that there are many different types of termites out there. One of the more popular ones are known as Drywood termites. This type of termite is unique when looking at its survival skills. It can go about surviving and thriving, building its colony, without the need of water or soil moisture. They will look for a solid structured wooden surface and start eating away.

Your best bet to successfully identifying what type of termite problem you have is by understanding what types of termites resign in your region. You will find (the majority of the time) drywood termites in the coastal areas of the US. The areas that do not contain extreme weather conditions are idea for these types of termites. These regions are known as tropical regions with warm to moderate climates.

Before picking up the phone and calling the closest exterminator you can find, you know try to look for ways to identify if you have a termite problem. For one, it is very hard to know whether you have a termite problem. The easiest way to find out whether you have a drywood termite problem is by looking for small fecal pellets that are the size of salt (table salt).

A very important thing to definitely make sure don't do (if you have not done so already) is to try to get rid of these termites yourself. Most of the time, household members will pick up their usual bug spray (like I did) and go about trying to kill off the termites. When doing this, you are only doing one thing. Simply spreading the termites, causing them to go and eat away at different locations in your house. So, please don't try to get rid of them yourselves. Call up an exterminator and let him/her get the job done. - 30195

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How To Start Solving A Silverfish Problem

By Lance Esondi

Silverfish are small insects that are pests in the home that are about a half inch to one inch long. They can cause quite a bit of damage. They will eat your cereal, ruin your clothing, eat book bindings and wall paper glue, and can cause embarrassment if someone were to see your home with these in them.

There are some simple steps to getting rid of silverfish that you need to start taking.

You need to start by dealing with moisture and humidity problems. Silverfish like humid areas, so make sure that you dehumidify those rooms of the house that are a bit humid. Silverfish also need a water source. Be sure that if you have leaking pipes or standing water to fix these issues as soon as possible. If you have silverfish around your drains, be sure to use a bleach and hot water mix that you run down the drain each day as it will kill the pests inside.

Make sure that your food in your cabinets are sealed so that silverfish can't get in. Silverfish love starchy foods like flours and cereals. Most of these packages don't seal well enough to keep silverfish out of them. Most are active at night, so you probably will never actually see them getting into your food but they do. Put your cereals into sealed containers so that this ensures that silverfish and other pests won't get inside them.

There are a few methods to get silverfish out of your house. There are two methods that stand out and work better than others. The first are silverfish traps. These are sticky traps that a silverfish or other pest gets stuck on when they walk on them. Put these in areas of the house where you have noticed silverfish problems to attempt to catch them. The benefit of these is that you aren't using chemicals and poisons.

Another good method is to use a product called diatomaceous earth. Get the food grade version of this. Sprinkle this around areas of the house you have silverfish problems. This will kill silverfish when they come in contact with it. - 30195

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Bed Bugs - What They Are and How They Behave

By Kelly Mortar

Vampires are not the only blood suckers to roam the planet, bed bugs are right up there with them. The only difference is that bed bugs are actually real and infestations are being reported every day all across the United States.

How do I know when they will try and feed on me?

Bed bugs mostly feed during the nighttime when their victim is in a deep slumber. Although there are some instances where they will feed during the day, such as if you work the night shift.

Their hiding spots can range from anything that is close to you, including inside of your mattress, under the mattress, in the frame, in lamps, behind wall plates, and the corners of walls, especially if you have popcorn ceiling.

What do bed bugs look like?

Their oval shaped bodies are very thin, and they have a brown reddish color to their shell, depending on when it was they last ate. Adults can get to be around 1/4 of an inch. You could compare the looks of them to ticks or tiny roaches.

The bed bug can spread fast, as females can produce around 500 eggs in her life time. Think that is scary? It only takes the nymphs around a month to fully mature, so infestations can spread quick if they are not tended to immediately.

When you are being bit by a bed bug you will not feel it more than likely, even though when they start engorgement it can last up to 3 minutes. This is because they will actually wait until you are in a deep slumber until they crawl on you to feed, talk about a smart insect.

If you have pets in a home that is infested with bed bugs, they are probably being victimized by them too, as they will feed on anything that has warm blood. This includes cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, or anything else with the right blood temperature.

If you are waking up in the morning to notice insect bites on your body, similar to mosquito bites, then you may be a victim of bed bugs.

How can I kill bed bugs?

The best thing to do to get rid of them would be to hire professional pest control. Although there are sprays and powders out there that you can buy that will kill them, you will just need a lot of it and too much may harm your pets if you have any. - 30195

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The Scoop About Bed Bugs

By Dan Thomas

Bed bugs are very annoying insects that creep through your bed or other furniture in your room or house. If you have these tiny wingless creatures in your room, you will have itchy and red marks on some spots of your body whenever you get up in the morning.

The good thing is that studies have shown that bed bugs do not transmit any kind of disease. They will suck your blood when they bite you, and there can be some traces of their saliva in your skin from a bite, this saliva is not known to cause any harm from what we know.

Bed bugs are so tiny that they can often be mistaken for ticks. The main difference is that they will feed on humans mostly and not pets. Adult bed bugs are can get to be one fourth of an inch and can be seen with the naked eye.

To get rid of bed bugs, the owner must hire a pest control. The pest control is an expert in identifying whether the bed bugs are the ones that feed on human or those that animals know about. A softer bed that may have infestations on it can be just as dangerous as a plan to rid of bed bugs show up from out of nowhere.

Many people will refer to bed bugs as vampires. As they are most active at night, especially a couple of hours before sunrise. This is why they are so difficult to find as they are hiding out when you are up and awake.

When you are searching for bed bugs, you must remember that they are probably within 20 feet of where you sleep. They love to hide in furniture, especially love to hide in the feet of the bed and in the mattress. If a major infestation occurs, you should say good bye to your mattress and furniture.

Bed bugs can also hide in many other places such as carpeting. Anyplace that there is an angle a bed bug could be hiding out. To limit their hiding places keeping a clean room will make it easier to find and kill them.

If you find some bed bug eggs, or a spot where they are hiding out they can be killed with temperatures above 130 degrees. Items like hair dryers and irons work great as a heating resource to kill bed bugs. Another good method to get rid of them is by steam cleaning. Finding the bed bugs is the hardest thing to do, killing them is easy. - 30195

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How To Recognize, Detect, And Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

By Raymond C. Batson

Bed bugs are tiny little things about the size of a poppy seed that live off the blood of both animals and people. They do not have wings but can get around very easily by crawling and climbing. Their bodies are oval shaped and are very flat making them hard to detect. They can be white or tan or even a dark brown bordering on red or orange. These bugs shed their skin periodically and when you are looking for them you usually find the skin they do not need anymore. It is hard to find an actual live bug because they are so good at hiding.

Bed bugs bite late at night when you are sound asleep so you generally do not feel when they do. When they bite they leave you with a tiny bit of saliva and that gives some people an allergic reaction. Some people get a rash while others will have something that resembles the bite of a mosquito. The bites can get a little itchy but resist itching since that can cause a secondary infection.

Bed bugs are not specific to any area of the world; they are everywhere. Not long ago they were nearly irradiated but today there has been a bed bug population explosion and they are once more a pest world wide. They like to hide in bed frames, or inside a mattress or box springs. Clutter seems to attract the little bugs even more. They can hide in small places because of the flat nature of their bodies. They do most of their feeding during the night but will venture out in the day if they need to. Once you get a colony it is very hard to get rid of them.

The normal method of getting bed bugs is the stowaway method. They can hide in pillows you may take elsewhere or in luggage that has been in a motel infested with them. They can hide in used furniture and mattresses you may buy second hand. If you live in an apartment your neighbor may have them and they will saunter over to your place as well.

A good indication that you need to inspect for bugs is if you see raised bites on your body. Make sure to inspect even the smallest fold in the bedding because they will hide in the smallest places. If you find an opening in the mattress you will have to go in and make sure they are not making themselves comfortable inside the mattress. They can look like a small spot so you need to search hard to find them. They can hide in the curtains and if there is one little flap of loose wall paper they can get underneath it and breed to their hearts content. Look in dresser drawers and inside clothing. Some people say that big infestations can give off the smell of coriander.

Do not assume you have an infestation even if you see bugs that are not moving. You need to find one that is crawling and when you do the best thing is to call an exterminator who knows what they are doing. It is possible to use substances yourself to kill them but it is much safer when done using a professional.

Many people think you have to get rid of the furniture if you have them but this is not always true. You need scrub the mattress and bed frame with a stiff brush and then vacuum up whatever you have scrubbed up. Usually eggs will come loose and you can whisk them away. It is even necessary to take the bed apart to get to all the bugs and remove all dresser drawers as well.

Never apply pesticides to a mattress or it can cause health problems for people living with the mattress or pets that may get near it as well. Make sure to read all directions for any pesticides you may use and follow them to the letter. Bedding should be steamed, dry cleaned, or put in very hot water to wash as heat will get rid of the bugs. Professionals can use a host of different treatments to get rid of the bugs for you and they have a license to do it and can do it in the most safe manner. - 30195

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The Facts You Need To Know About Termites

By Scott Davis

When people think about Termites they often think they are ants - but the two species comes from different families in the insect world. Termites have been around millions of years and can eat their way through wooden houses but they are actually quite delicate insects.

Nests are either above ground or below ground. Those nests above ground are usually mounds or built in trees or on poles. Those below ground consist of a series of tunnels and can also be located under tree stumps.

The nests themselves need to have very high levels of humidity as the worker termites are very thin skinned and will easily dry out and die. They also need to maintain a high temperature and it is usually between 25 or 30 degrees inside the nest.

People thinking about termites often think their only diet is wood but there a many species out there that eat other organic matters. The termite digestive system is advanced as it can easily break down woody cellulose into more useful sugar.

A colony is made up of termites fitting into a strict social structure. The one Queen who can live for more than twenty years producing new eggs. The single king has a role to fertilize the eggs and to help bring up the children. The thin skinned worker termites gather food and do nest maintenance but seldom leave the nest. This is due to their thin skin and the need for a humid environment. The colony is protected by a class of Soldier termites equipped with fighting equipment. And there are also Reproducers. This class matures through to having wings. In spring or fall when temperatures are warm and humid they can fly away to start a new nest.

Colonizing Flights are done by the reproducer class and usually occur before and after winter when there is warm humid weather. When a new site is found the new King and Queen lose their wings and the Queen begins laying eggs. Initially they both look after the offspring in the new colony but as it grows the social structure comes into being and the Queen concentrates on laying eggs. A colony can have from several hundred to several million termites.

A tough thing about termites is that an infestation in a wooden home may show no signs until even five years after the termites have moved in. - 30195

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How To Get Rid of Fleas From Your Home Naturally

By Deegan Love

Introduction: Don't blame Fido for the fleas! Sure, he may have brought it inside the house, but it isn't all his fault. The best thing for you to do right now is just to start disinfecting your home in order to get rid of those pesky fleas. Here are some ways for you to eliminate them of them naturally.

Difficulty: 4

Things You'll Need: small dishes or bowls, tea candles, dishwashing liquid, common house cleaning materials

Step 1. The first thing that you should do is to treat Fido for fleas. This is the most important part. Your pet is the main vehicle for the fleas to get inside your home, so your eradicating attempts have to start there.

Step 2 . After getting rid of all the fleas on your pet, you can continue with the de - infestation efforts at home. It is very important to do the two procedures simultaneously or right after you finish the first. This is so as to avoid the re infestation from your house to your already flea - free pet.

Step 3. In cleaning your house, start with the surfaces as to where your pet usually hangs out on. This can be the basement floor, his little basket or the foyer rugs. Clean, wash, scrub and dry all of those.

Step 4. After scrubbing and cleaning the parts of the house where your dog or cat usually stays in, vacuum the other parts of the house. Pay attention to places with a lot of fabric like living room carpets, sofas, rugs, curtains and the like. Include nooks, crevices and crannies as well.

Step 5. To eliminate fleas that haven't been eradicated by your extrerminating efforts, take out your small bowls or dishes, and pour some liquid dishwashing soap that's been diluted with water. Place the candles right in the middle of the bowl, and place the bowls all over your house. Light the candles and leave them for awhile. The fleas will be mesmerized by the light, and will fall straight into the water.

Step 6. Use some borax for the fleas. Dust some borax on the surfaces where your pet usually stays, and let it sit for 24 hours. Clean up afterwards.

Step 7. Repeat from steps four to six for three to five consecutive days to completely eliminate fleas.


- Treat your home and pet simultaneously to avoid recurring flea infestations.

- Be consistent and diligent in your efforts to eliminate fleas.


- Keep your children and pets away from the borax and don't allow them to play in areas where you have dusted it with.

- Wear a face mask when using borax or any other form of flea powders. These powders can be irritating to the lungs, and should never be used in the presence of infants and people who have history of lung or respiratory illnesses.

- If all things fail, that's when you can resort to insecticides. - 30195

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